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Date: 10th May 2016
Flat Batch Off Cooler
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading flat batch off cooler manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap flat batch off cooler made in China and welcome to check the price with us.1.UsageThe Batch-off cooler is used for cooling,folding and depositing the rubber which comes from the opening mill or twin screw extruder.2.FeaturesThere are two tyes structure of ?the batch-off cooler:Overhead and Fioor-standing,whose hanging racks vertically turning with compulsive cooling.The hanging tubber rod is drived by ?step cylinder or the motor reducer.3.Structure1)It is mainly consisted of main engine and electrical control system.2)The main engine is consisted of joint,printer,longitudinal cutting device,insulator cooling,lifting device,hanging sheet cooling,automatic swing device,weighing,the rail,platform and the supporting frame,etc.Electrical control system is made up of main-control box,which sets up emergency device at the key point. ?3)Rubber sheet collection contains:rubber sheet folding and unfolding, rubber sheet cutting and automatic display,rubber winding type.4.AdvantageCustomer can choose high configuration or low configyration according to the actual needs.The high configuration rubber sheet cooling line is equiped with hydraulic automatic folding and unfolding device,whose the rubber stack is tidy and the tidy rate ?100mm.The material tray can automatically input and output three working device,automatic rubber picking,automatic measuring and cutting device and automatic measuring and winding device.Unmanned operation can be realized and it is a high degree of automation.Model?Main?Parameter? ??XPG-600~700XPG-800~1000Suitable?sheet?specification(4-12)x600~700(4-12)x?800~1000Max?linear?speed(front?conveyor?belt)40m/min40m/minHanging?rail?moving?speed0.117-2.2m/min0.117-2.2m/minAxial?flow?fan0.37KW 5760m3/h0.37KW 5760m3/hAmplitude?and?frequency?of?the?rubber1.3m?10-16times/min1.3m?10-16times/minRubber?temperature?after?cooling?Room?temperature+5??Room?temperature+5?Variable?motor?of?lifting?deviceXWD1.5-3-1/11XWD7.5-7-1/43Variable?motor?of?folding?deviceXWD1.1-5-1/87XWD1.1-5-1/87Hanging?rubber?rail?distance160?or?101.6160?or?101.6Max?height?of?rubber?hanging1400mm1400mm