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Date: 24th May 2016
Mechanical Rear Inflatable Tyre Shaping And Curing Press
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading mechanical rear inflatable tyre shaping and curing press manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap mechanical rear inflatable tyre shaping and curing press made in China and welcome to check the price with us.1. Introductions of tyre shaping and curing pressThis machine belongs B-type (Bad-O-Matic) side link double mould tire shaping and curing machine. The tyre shaping and curing press (machanic type) is specially used for the vulcanization of all kinds of common and radial tires, which can work for automatically and also be manipulated manually.Based on the advanced technology, the machine has superior structure and reliable quality, convenient changing of tire sizes, the machine can meet the demand with high quality and efficiency of our customers both at home and abroad.It mainly consists of mainframe, center mechanism, manipulator, steam dome (or platen), segmental mould controller for radial tires and so on. Different configurations are possible. The machine will match with post curing inflator when curing the bias tires. And segmented mould controller will be matched if it cures the radial tires.2. Features of tyre shaping and curing press1. It adopts PLC control, which can realize PID adjusting.2. The programmable terminal uses touch screen type tablet computer, which supports Chinese and can make relevant pictures to meet clients' requirements. In addition, various curing techniques and parameters can be stored by it.3. Electrical components such as pipelines' valves, tablet computer, PLC all adopt internationally well-known brands.ModelTechnical Parameters4245485563.565.5Mould opening modeLifting/turning typeTranslation/turning typeTranslation/turning typeTranslation/turning typeTranslation/turning typeTranslation/turning typeCentral mechanism typeBBBBBBMold heating modeBoiler (hot plate)Boiler (hot plate)Boiler (hot plate)Boiler (hot plate)Boiler (hot plate)Boiler (hot plate)Number of moulds?(pcs)222222Maximum mould clamping force (KN)1370?21720?21920?22890?24220?24580(4220)?2Height of vulcanization model?(mm)155?381230?457250?500245?455254?642254?635Inner diameter of boiler?1050?1145?1220?1310?1525?1640Applicable tire bead specification (in)12?1612?17.514?2016?2019?2419?24.5Main motor power?(KW)1111117.51616???????Overall dimensions (L*W*H)?mm4254?4410?39164116?4425?38405500?3540?3211108?5380?55907000?5520?61547000?5520?5950