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Date: 10th May 2016
Rubber Floor Machine
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading rubber floor machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap equipment for the production of rubber floor mat, rubber floor production line, rubber floor making machine, rubber sports floor machine, gym floor making machine, rubber floor equipment made in China and welcome to check the price with us. Decomposition Of The Waste Tire Production Equipment Ring Cutter (QQJ-20) Name?Technical parameter Motor power(KW)?5.5 Rotate speed(r/min)?46.8 Tube diameter?1200 Size(L*W*H)?1100*900*1700 Strip Cutter (QTJ-380) Name?Technical parameter Motor power (KW)?5.55 Disc diameter (mm)?380 Rotate speed(r/min)?18.4 Size (L*W*H)?1290*870*1550 Block Cutter (QKJ-45) Name?Technical parameter Motor power (KW)?11 Rotate speed (r/min)?420 Outside diameter of cutter?(about) 200 Size (L*W*H)?1130*830*1100 Press Loop Machine (YQJ-285) Name?Technical parameter Motor power (KW)?15 Former roller linear speed (m/min)?15.5 Rotate speed(r/min)?18.4 Size (L*W*H)?1520*1150*1210 Mill Group Rubber Crusher Rubber Powder Production Line ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?NAME Vibrating screen (big) Conveyor belt (magnetic separation) (big) Vibrating screen (small) Conveyor belt (magnetic separation) (small) Main conveyor belt (big) Fiber Separator Plate vulcanizing press Technical parameters: Total pressure 0.5 Hot plate length (mm) 400 Plate distance (mm) 150 Working layer number 4 Unit area pressure of hot plate (Mpa) 3.13 Plunger stroke 250 Heating mode Electricity Main motor power (KW) 2.2 Size L*W*H 1680*2320*1880 Frame form Post Rubber powder mixer Technical parameters: Model: MX-500 Motor power: 7.5 kw. Production capacity: 100-300kg/batch.