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Date: 24th May 2016
Rubber Refining Mill
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading rubber refining mill manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap rubber refining mill made in China and welcome to check the price with us.1. Introduction of Rubber Refining MillThe rubber refiner is mainly used for refining of reclaimed rubber and rubber sheeting. The rollers are made of chilled cast iron with wear-resistant hard surfaces. The two rollers are smooth ones with bored cavities and can be cooled homogeneously. The protective device is provided to protect the main parts from damage due to overload. ?In case of emergency, the safety rod is pulled down and the rollers will be stopped immediately?2.Features of Rubber Refining Mill1'Two rollers are made from Chilled Cast Iron, smooth surface is highly polished and scratch proof by cutting knife: high hardness and wear-resistant;?2'The roller is hollow structure, which is for adjusting the temperature of the rollers by steam or cooling water in term of different request;3'The machine is equipped with an overload protection device to prevent the major components from being damaged due to overloading.4'The machine is also equipped with an emergency device. When an emergent accident happens, just draw the safety pull-rod, and the machine will stop immediately. It is safe and reliable.5'The machine is equipped with scraper and wind-up unit, which can take the reclaimed rubber away from the wind-up rollerTechnical Parameters ?ModelXKP-400XKP-450XKP-560XKJ-400XKJ-480Working diameter of front roller (mm)400450560400?Drum?480?Drum?Working diameter of rear roller (mm)400(Fluted roller)450(Fluted roller)510(Fluted roller)518?Drum?612?Drum?Working length of roller (mm)600650800760800Linear speed of front roller (m/min)17.3223.225.562526.6Speed ratio of roller1?1.381?1.381:1.301?1.7071?1.75Maximum roller spacing (mm)88151015Motor power (kW)4555754575Overall dimensions: L*W*H (mm)3950?1800?17804770?1846?18355064?2284?19784770?2300?18355070?2800?1978