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Date: 10th May 2016
Semi-automatic Rubber Powder Production Line
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading semi-automatic rubber powder production line manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap semi-automatic rubber powder production line made in China and welcome to check the price with us.Tire Recycling Rubber Powder Machine Waste Tire Recycling MachineAlong with the increase of cars, waste tire also increasing all the time. because the rubber not perishable, so waste tire very pollution of the environment, and more and more serious.There are three waste tire recycling method : burning, pyrolysis oil and rubber powder.Three method contrast analysisburningpyrolysis oilrubber powderrange of applicationfewfewmanyenvironmental pollutionsevereseverenotechnology maturity-------immaturematureProduct Description1. Rubber powder made by the desulfurization process will be reclaimed rubber production sheet material used in the manufacture of machine pads, roadbed mat, cushion etc. Various washers, fenderboard, sound-absorbing materials not high demand of the mechanical properties of low-grade products.2. Color elastic floor tile, elderly and young children in sports field laid, to the safety of adults and children play good protection. The biggest characteristic is to: prevent slippery, shock absorption, wear-resisting, antistatic, sound insulation, sound insulation, every tide, lie between cold, heat insulation, do not glance, water resistant, fire, non-toxic, no radiation, strong weatherability, anti-aging, long life, easy to clean, easy construction, etc.3. Production waterproofing materials, waterproofing paint, waterproof and sealed material, etc.4. Road alignment materials, rubber granule modified asphalt pavement of high grade highway and the runways in developed countries has entered the practical stage, and have developed rapidly.5. Used for modified asphalt, made modified asphalt pavement pavement abrasion resistance, spalling resistance, resistance to wear greatly improve life for ordinary pavement 2 -- 3 times, lower pavement maintenance costs 30-50%.6. Used to build plastic sports venues, runway, artificial turf.7. For track rails add concrete prefabricated mixing added before adding the required to add a certain proportion of all kinds of high-grade USES concrete products, direct casting forming. At present is used to manufacture the train rails and special occasions fence, special occasions such as the base.8. Anointed highway highway caulking caulking cream special rubber granule and asphalt, asphalt oil, packing and condensation of dry and wet agent whatever are blending good bonding, with the product fill aperture fill sex, resistance with water resistance, spalling resistance, greatly improve the tensile properties and winter summer anti melts variable performance increased by 40%.9. With a rubber granule manufacture for shoe soles, according to a certain proportion, directly after joining mixed refine used to neutralize all kinds of sole.Tire recycling machine related machine:We manufacture two kinds for rubber granule production machine.1.Manual waste tire recycling machineSmall-scale production 200-500kg per hourProduction equipment from waste tire decomposition equipment, crushing machine, magnetic powder screening 3 major components conveying unit. Through the waste tire decomposition QQJ-20, QTJ-380 equipment QKJ-45 380, YQJ-285, first, tires processed into small pieces of 3.5 centimeters square; Then the pulverizer set XKP - 400/450/560 type to glue block broken wire mixed powder grinding get, granule; Then by magnetic powder conveying unit screening CSF9000 type, steel wire and tire rubber separation thoroughly. Through the belt conveyor device after two ways of fine sieve bed screen then through magnetic material roller, magnetic separation separating out wire, making 10 mesh fineness 40 mesh fineness of pure powder (either). Short of asks mesh fineness of feeding conveyor returns by blocks of powder, the cycle again grinding mill grind technology is advanced, does not need any chemical raw materials, no gas, no wastewater, the operating cost is low. Magnetic separation wire effect 80Kw attain 99.9%, keeping the average processing a ton of tyre power-hungry 200 degrees or so, output per hour for 200 to 500 kilograms (powder fineness has different, yield also have different) is the use of steel wire tyre production the best equipment powder.Manual waste tire recycling machine plan 200-500 kg/h2.Automatic waste tire recycling machineUse ?tire wire drawing machine draw wire, put tire into the tire crusher, process 5cm*5cm pieces, put pieces into rubber granule production line make 15-30 mesh powderAutomatic waste tire recycling machine plan 1500 kg/hWaste tire recycling split machineTechnical ParameterRing CutterQQJ-20Strip CutterQTJ-380Motor power(KW)5.5Motor power(KW)5.55Rotate speed(r/min)46.8Disc diameter (mm)380Tube diameter1200Rotate speed(r/min)18.4Size: (L*W*H)110*900*1700Size (L*W*H)1290*870*1550?Block CutterQKJ-45Press Loop MachineYQJ-285Motor power(KW)11Motor power(KW)15Rotate speed (r/min)420Former roller linear speed(m/min)15.5Outside diameter of cutter200Rotate speed (r/min)18.4Size (L*W*H)1130*830*1100Size (L*W*H)1520*1150*1210Tire wire draw machineTechnical ParameterModel1200YMotor Power (kw)7.5Capacity (tires/h)80-100Overall Dimensions (L?W?H)4700?900?1700Weight (T)2.8Tire ShredderTechnical ParameterType? LP-400LP-800LP-1200Quantity of cutter head101620Dimension of cutter head (diameter*thickness)mm300*45460*60560*60Size of charge-in(mm)4008001200Size of charge-out(mm)4550-6050-60Handling Capacity (t/h)70015003000Motor Power (kw)3540*260*2Dimension(m)2.1?0.9?1.94.2?2.1?2.3?6?2.8?3.7Weight (T)1816Rubber Granulator Production Linescreen (big)Conveyor belt (magnetic separation) (big)Vibrating screen (small)Conveyor belt (magnetic separation) (small)Main conveyor belt (big)Rubber CrusherThis is waste tire recycling main machineTechnical ParameterTypeXKP-400XKP-450XKP-560Front roll diameter(mm)400450560Rear roll diameter(mm)400(Groove roller)450(Groove roller)560(Groove roller)Working length of rolls(mm)600650800Front roll surface speed(m/min)17.3223.225.56Friction ratio1:1.381:1.381:1.30Max. nip (mm)8815Motor power455590Size: L?W?H(mm)3950?1800?17804770?1846?18355064?2284?1978Fiber separatorTechnical ParameterParameter1100?8Impeller number8Impeller diameter1100mmSpeed of main shaft377 or 464/minPower5.5kwSpeed of feeder29 r/minFeeder power0.4kwOverall dimension1600xH3400(mm)Fine powder machineProcessing Machine